This website will be disconnected at the end of October 2021. Entry to the various Caribbean islands is subject to a number of restrictions. As a result of the massive increase in positive covid cases, an RT PCR test must be carried out before entry, despite double vaccination, and documents must be collected and submitted to the respective authorities. Only after approval may the yacht be taken to the island state (e.g. St. Vincent and the Grenadines). A 2-week sailing trip is therefore useless. The interested parties must bring more time with them. Even though you have been vaccinated twice and had a PCR test shortly before entry (48-72 h), you will be tested again on the spot. Until the test result is available, you remain on board (between 24 h and 5 days). 
This massively increases the cost of the sailing holiday. For these reasons and thanks to those who don't want to be vaccinated, and thus make everything even worse, I will put the planned circumnavigation on ice. I will therefore return to Europe next year with the ARC Europe 2022. 

If you are still interested in sailing with me, please contact me via email marina.c.passet56(at)

My passion also includes sailing and exploring the world. But nothing is set in stone.
Marina 2021

SY Suffisant 

2020 from Europe to Caribbean
2021 - 2022 Sailing in automn in St. Lucia and the leewards and windward islands
2022 Sailing from Saint Lucia to Acores with the ARC Europe and later to Las Palmas
2022 Sailing the islands of Gran Canaries

10 m Sailing yacht, 65 yrs. old, Swiss, female