The project

For 2020, I have set myself the goal of participating in the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) once again. Already in 2005, 2010, 2011 and 2012 I took part in this event, partly as crew member, partly as owner and skipper. The regatta, organized by the World Cruising Club, has a friendly character and really impressed me. With my own sailing yacht VIA CON ME at that time, I had once finished 83rd and once 87th. Not bad for a short 12m yacht... Now in 2020 I start with a smaller yacht (only 10 m). But first it will be necessary to bring everything together. The preparations need time. The whole charts material must be purchased and the clearings with the boat for the various countries must be studied etc.. At the moment it looks at my home like on the battle field…

There are many Swiss sailors. But so far (according to my research) no Swiss woman has ever done a circumnavigation with stopovers singlehanded. And this in 2020 in an age of 64. But first of all, I will participate the Regatta of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers in 2020. As it is not allowed to do this regatta singlehanded, I will take for this cruise some crew with me.

As a result of the Covid19 , the ARC Portugal regatta was cancelled for June 2020. It is expected to start again in August 2020. Therefore I have decided to skip this regatta and start the route from A Coruna to Lagos with more stops.

Time schedule:

August 2020
 1st Leg from from A Coruna to Las Palmas, Canaries, with overstops along the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal to Lagos

2nd Leg from Lagos, Portugal, to Las Palmas

October 2020
The sailing yacht stays until beginning of November with Rolnautic in Las Palmas. In Las Palmas I will have my sailing yacht at the dockyard checked again.

November/December 2020
Start of the Regatta ARC 2020 taken place on the 22nd November 2020. This leg is approx. 2780 NM from Las Palmas to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.
At todays time only 3 smaller sailing yachts up to approx. 10.60m are registered, all other participating yachts are between 12 - 30m, with the biggest part of the yachts being between 16 - 14m. It seems that I cannot keep up with the big yachts here, but I still hope to be in mid-field. I expect to arrive in St. Lucia between 13rd and 14th December 2020.

December 2020/January 2021
Cruising St. Lucia - St. Vincent and the Grenadines respectively those islands which are open for cruisers.

Because of Covid-19, the whole continent of South and middle America is closed or it's difficult to clear in the ports. Everybody ask you for Covid-19 test and you must go in quarantine for 2 weeks. Originally the Worldcruising Club announced, that the start from St. Lucia will be on the 9th January 2021 for the leg St. Lucia - Santa Marta - San Blas - Panama. Because of Covid this rally is declined and will taken place one year later on the 9th January 2022.


January - December 2021
I will stay in St. Lucia and when possible, cruising around to some islands. The Suffisant will stay in the IGY warft for a check up and maintenance for the upcoming circum navigation. 

January - February 2022
9th January 2022: Start of the World Cruising Club from St. Lucia around the world, where I do the 1st leg with them from St. Lucia to Panama via Santa Marta, Columbia, and San Blas Islands to Colon and from there through the Panama Channel to Panama, approx. 1140 NM

February 2022
The Suffisant will taken out on the warft to clean the under hull, propeller etc. to have no invasive mussels on the hull (must be clean like a baby buns…). The ship must also be fumigated. A certificate must be done for both, as Galapagos is asking for.

February/March 2022
Panama, Islas las Perlas, Galapagos, approx. 890 NM

March/April 2022
Galapagos to Marquesas, approx. 3000 NM
Cruising Marquesas
Marquesas to Tuamotu, approx. 510 NM

May/June 2022
Tuamotu, Iles des Société (Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea/Tahaa, Bora Bora),
approx. 500 NM
Start Bora Bora to Southern Cook Island, approx. 540mNM

June 2022
Cook Island to Niue, Vavau'u (Tonga), approx. 910 NM

The further schedule will be published in winter 2021.