The project

For 2020, I have set myself the goal of participating in the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) once again. Already in 2005, 2010, 2011 and 2012 I took part in this event, partly as crew member, partly as owner and skipper. The regatta, organized by the World Cruising Club, has a friendly character and really impressed me. With my own sailing yacht VIA CON ME at that time, I had once finished 83rd and once 87th. Not bad for a short 12m yacht... Now in 2020 I start with a smaller yacht (only 10 m). But first it will be necessary to bring everything together. The preparations need time. The whole charts material must be purchased and the clearings with the boat for the various countries must be studied etc.. At the moment it looks at my home like on the battle field…

There are many Swiss sailors. But so far (according to my research) no Swiss woman has ever done a circumnavigation with stopovers singlehanded. And this in 2020 in an age of 64. But first of all, I will participate the Regatta of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers in 2020. As it is not allowed to do this regatta singlehanded, I will take for this cruise some crew with me.

Time schedule:

August 2019
Registration for the ARC Portugal 2020 from Baiona to Lagos - done
Registration for the 1st Leg from St. Lucia to Panama with the World Cruising Club 2021 - done

September 2019
Registration for the ARC 2020 from Las Palmas to St. Lucia with the World Cruising Club - done
Packing list, inventory in english, french, spanish and german

Registration for the ARC Panama from Rodney Bay
to Panama with the World Cruising Club - done

October 2019
Paper Sea charts to be ordered from Maupiti to Australia, Australia to Cape Town, Cape Town to Brasil, and from Brasil to Caribbean

November/December 2019
Cruising plan - done
Down load, shopping of Almanacs, Tides Tables, Currents, Cruising Guides - open

January/February 2020
Menu plan for ARC 2020 incl. shopping list - done
Work out the night watch - done
Board and safety checklist - done
Navionics sea charts to be up dated - open
Information for the clearance, authorities such as customs and immigration, instructions for the permission to enter a country etc. is up-to-dated including addresses, telephone numbers, email etc. - simply everything you need for the various countries I will visiting - open

April/May 2020
Visit the warft     
Co-work at the wharf Marina Seca, La Coruna, Spain and last installations will take place (SSB radio, windvane 300 Watt, Hydrogenerator, desalination plant); all spare parts must be labelled and stored in the sailing yacht. For this a list will be created, showing where and what is located where. All work carried out from the Marina Seca will be checked and the sailing yacht has to undergo a survey for the

June 2020            
First leg from La Coruna, Spain, to Lagos takes place. Here I take some sailing guests with me (of course for payment, see "program")

July 2020 
2nd leg from Lagos to Las Palmas, Canary Islands (via Madeira, Islas Salvagem, Isla Graciosa, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria)

August/September 2020
A 3 week cruise will take place from Las Palmas to Teneriffe, Gomera, La Palma and back to Las Palmas

September/October 2020
The sailing yacht stays in the Muelle Deportivo, meanwhile I will go home for the last private office work such as obtain visas, check the insurances, payments, than come back to Las Palmas to prep the yacht for the coming race. 

November 2020      
Preparation the Suffisant for the ARC 2020 - Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - Las Palmas to Santa Lucia
The crew will arrive and we will do some exercise e.g. MOB, changing sails, manoeuvres when squalls are coming etc.


December 2020/January 2021          
Arrival in St. Lucia, the ship must be cleaned and cleared. 
A two week cruise takes place from St. Lucia - Bequia - Mustique - Tabago Cays - St. Vincent  back to St. Lucia
Start of the World Cruising Club from St. Lucia around the world where I do the 1st leg with them from
St. Lucia to Panama via Santa Marta, Columbia, and San Blas Islands to Colon and from there through the Panama Channel to Panama

February 2021
The Suffisant will taken out on the warft to clean the under hull, propeller etc. to have no invasive mussels on the hull (must be clean like a baby buns…). The ship must also be fumigated. A certificate must be available for both

February/March 2021
Panama, Islas las Perlas, Galapagos